Deep Tissue Massage

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Importance of Deep Tissue Massage

Done by deep finger pressure with firm but slow strokes, a deep tissue massage is majorly done to help relieve aches and pains of the neck area, upper and lower back, shoulders and leg muscles.

During this massage, you should tell your therapist about your comfort range at pressure points. The massager will penetrate deep into your muscles and connective tissues. It is done to release strain and pain in muscles because of severe stress and body use. Deep tissue therapy relieves contractures which occur in muscles because of past injuries.

Some of the health benefits of deep tissue massage are mentioned below:

  1. Reduction in severe pain: The massage is very effective in healing chronic pains. It works well on your sore points by enhancing blood circulation in the body. It loosens tight muscles and releases all sorts of discomfort and pain arising from muscle soreness.
  2. Stress relief: A soothing and calming body massage done by professionals at a spa is just the right way to combat stress, tight muscles, headaches, tension and other mental issues. Enjoy the benefit of a rejuvenating massage and instil yourself with beautiful new thoughts.
  3. Rejuvenate injured muscles: Deep tissue massage done by a professional at a beauty salon causes toxin movement from injured muscles. It also helps in stretching twisted muscles and brings it back to its position. It is a great way to cure sports injuries.
  4. Get rid of scar tissues: Periodic sessions of deep tissue massage can over time remove scar tissues. It enhances lymphatic circulation and adds to your muscular flexibility.
  5. It also relieves you from different other physical ailments like sciatica, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, constant strain injury and more.

Some of the advantages of going for deep tissue massage for athletes are mentioned below:

  1. The first advantage of going for deep tissue massage is that it lowers your body pain. Often athletes suffer from chronic body pain because of the injuries sustained on the field. The therapy alleviates the pain better than medicines.
  2. It improvises blood circulation and lowers inflammation which may lead to ache. The rise in blood flow means that performance of the body is enhanced no matter whether your sport is football, dance or swimming.
  3. It doesn’t just relieve your pain, but also enhances your overall performance in a natural way. Make sure you seek help of a therapist who has good experience dealing with athletes and sportsmen.
  4. It reduces stress and enhance your sleeping patterns. As athletes are under great pressure to succeed, thus, their stress levels are really high. But deep tissue massage relieves your stress and make you sleep well.
  5. It actually shows results to remove scar tissue in the body. For athletes who have suffered injuries may experience stiffness or pain in their body because of scar tissue. Well, deep tissue therapy is known to give impressive results over a long term.

So, whether you are sports person or normal person, anyone can go for deep tissue massage in Delhi at NewLi Spa for a good and healthy body and mind.

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